1 Peter 1:22–25

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it mean biblically to love another person?
  2. What are the specific ways that Peter encourages Christians to love in this passage and in the surrounding context?
  3. Of the various ways that one can love, which way(s) are you individually weakest in?
  4. In the area(s) just mentioned, how can you grow? How would you like others to help you to grow in this?
  5. In our culture, “love” is often equated with the acceptance and support of any lifestyle choice without any recognition of rightness or wrongness, even if that lifestyle choice is sinful or unhealthy. Is this biblical love? Explain your answer?
  6. People experience the new birth when they believe the good news, or the gospel. Can you describe the gospel in sixty seconds or less to another individual?