Jude 1:17-25 - Keep Yourselves in the Love of The God Who Keeps You: A Lesson in Christian Perseverance

Discussion Questions

  1. What is something God has been teaching you through your Bible reading this week? 
  2. What is one truth or “take-away” from the sermon that you found particularly challenging/convicting/helpful?
  3. Read Jude 1:17-20. Jude calls believers to remember the predictions of the apostles. Why is it important for us to remember the truths of Scripture when we consider everything going on in our world?
  4. Based on verses 18-19, what are characteristics of the ungodly?
  5. Read Jude 1:20-21. According to these verses, how are believers to be different than the ungodly described in the previous verses?
  6. Read Jude 1:22-23. We see in verse 21 that we are shown mercy by Jesus Christ. Then, verses 22-23 remind us twice to have mercy on others. What are some practical examples of ways you can show mercy to other believers. What are some practical examples of ways you can show mercy to non-believers? Do you have an example of a time when a believer showed you mercy?
  7. Read Jude 1:24-25. What characteristics of God are mentioned in verse 25. How does this reminder of God’s character encourage your own spiritual perseverance in light of verse 24? (See also Philippians 1:6)