Psalm 88 - The Cry of the Hurting

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one truth or “take-away” from the sermon that you found particularly challenging/convicting/helpful?
  2. Read Psalm 88:1-2. Have there been times in your life where you’ve cried out to the Lord? More importantly, have you cried out to the Lord for your salvation?
  3. Read Psalm 88:3-7. Sometimes it may seem like God’s wrath lies heavy upon you, either as the consequence of sin, or because of a trial that is meant to grow you. In what ways is God’s wrath a mercy to his people? (See Proverbs 3:11-12) How does this perspective help us to run to the Lord in such times instead of running away from Him?
  4. Read Psalm 88:8-18. Where do you turn when you’re in the depths of despair or loneliness? What Scripture passages and/or biblical truths have been helpful for you in such times? What are some practical ways your community group can be an encouragement to people who are lonely or in despair?
  5. How does Psalm 88 challenge or encourage you in your response to difficult periods in your life as you observe where/when/how the psalmist cries, turns, and calls upon the Lord?  Where else in Scripture to we see a similar response by those in periods of turmoil in life?