John 1:1-5 - The Life-Giving, Illuminating Word of God

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 20:30-31: What does John state as the reason he is writing down the works of Jesus?

  2. When did you believe in Jesus and have life in his name? Consider sharing this with your discussion group.

  3. How have the words recorded in the Bible “given you life” – either at conversion or throughout your Christian walk? What specific verses have sustained you through various seasons?

  4. Read Romans 1:18-25. Why does the Bible assume that everyone knows that there is a Creator God? Give some examples of God’s character being seen through creation.

  5. Have you ever struggled with believing in the existence of God? What are some things that have helped you in these times?

  6. Since Jesus created all things, all things are for His glory. How can you use your money, time, and relationships for His glory? Give examples of things you want to use better for His glory.