John 1:6-13 - Life’s Most Important Question: Will You Receive or Reject Jesus?

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 1:6-8. What is the purpose of John the Baptist’s life and message? What message(s) might your own life be communicating, and how can you apply John’s example to your own life?

  2. Share about a time when you witnessed to someone, or share a fear or anxiety you may have that keeps you from witnessing. What can help you overcome those fears?

  3. Read John 1:9-13. The God of the universe, Jesus, came into His own creation. What does this say about the character of God? Would God have been righteous and good if He hadn’t sent Jesus to save anyone? Why?

  4. Before Jesus came into the world, how did people hear from God? Give examples from the Old Testament. Read John 5:39-46. What do these texts tell us about the relationship between the Old Testament and Jesus?

  5. John’s gospel includes examples of people “believing in Jesus” in a way that is self-centered ( John 2:23-25 or 6:26). How might you discern if your faith is true, or if you are simply using Jesus to get something from Him?