John 1:14-18 - Jesus is the Visible Glory of the Invisible God

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 1:14-18. When Christ took on human form, did this diminish or remove His divine nature? Why or why not? (See also Phil. 2:5-8).

  2. What truths and characteristics of God are uniquely revealed or emphasized through the earthly ministry of Christ?

  3. Although God was gracious to reveal His holiness through the Law, how is the grace revealed through Christ unique and superior to that of the Old Covenant (See Heb. 8:6-13)?

  4. What is one way that God has given you grace this week?

  5. Does God show grace to all people in the same way? How does God show grace to all people, and in what ways does He specifically show grace to His family?

  6. Since we have received grace upon grace from Jesus, we ought to seek to show that grace to others as well. In what ways do you need to show grace to others this week?