John 1:19-28 - Who Do You Think You Are?

+ Application Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 40:3-5. In John 1:19-23, John the Baptist claims to be the voice Isaiah speaks of. Why do you think he uses this text to explain who he is? Consider John 5:44-46. What can this passage reveal to us about John the Baptist’s answer?

  2. How does John’s use of Scripture inform the way we should read it, apply it, and proclaim it?

  3. John says, “Among you stands one you do not know.” Since the Pharisees were likely familiar with Jesus of Nazareth, why does John say this? What does he mean?

  4. Based on the above question, what does this teach us about the nature of salvation (See John 3:6-8; 6:44)?

  5. If someone were to ask who you are, how would you describe yourself to them? What Scripture passages would be helpful in describing your purpose?