John 1:29-34 - Behold: God’s Ultimate Sacrifice for Your Sin

+ Application Questions

  1. Consider John 1:29-30 and 8:58. What is John proclaiming about Jesus?

  2. Read Isaiah 11:1-2 and Ezekiel 36:27. How do these verses relate to John 1:32-34? How does this emphasize who Jesus is? What does this mean for us?

  3. How might this text embolden you as you think of sharing the good news with others? How might it change the way you interact with co-workers, friends, or family members?

  4. Read Isaiah 40. Meditate on this passage and thank God for his kindness.

  5. John proclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” What is the name of someone in your life who needs to hear this good news? Share this name with a close friend or family member, or your Small Group. Pray together that God would provide a gospel opportunity.