Daniel 1 - God, Are You Still There?: Loss, Favor, and Learning in Exile

+ Application Questions

  1. In Daniel 1:1-2, a pagan king captures God’s chosen people and loots God’s temple. What doubts or questions might have been in the minds of God’s people during this circumstance? Have there been circumstances in your life that caused you to doubt God’s power or goodness?

  2. Look at who is doing the action in Daniel 1, verses 2, 9, and 17. What does this tell you about God’s involvement in our lives? How might this be a comfort in circumstances like the ones mentioned in question 1?

  3. Like Daniel, we are living in a land that is not our home. In what ways do you feel the pressures of this most in your life? Consider memorizing Romans 12:1-2 to help in this area.

  4. Have you had a time when you were asked by a boss or supervisor to do something you knew would be displeasing to God? How did you respond?

  5. Daniel 1:17 serves as a good reminder that any learning, skill, or wisdom we have is a gift from God. What impact should that truth have on the way we talk about our abilities and how we use our skills? How does this truth impact the way you view accomplishments that you’ve worked hard for?