John 1:35-42 - What are you seeking?

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 1:25-42. What does it mean to be a disciple? (See also Luke 14:25-33, John 8:21, John 15:1-11, and Matthew 16:24-25)

  2. John pointed his disciples to Christ. Who are people in your own life who look to you in some way? (children, students, employees, etc.) What are some ways you can point them towards Christ and disciple them?

  3. In this passage, Jesus is called, the Lamb of God, Rabbi, and Messiah. What is the significance of each of those titles?

  4. What are some ways you could disciple others in our church body? Who is someone you could ask to disciple you?

  5. Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter, symbolizing the change Jesus was making in Peter’s life. What are some things in your own life that knowing Jesus has changed? (See also Romans 6:6)