John 4:43-54 - Jesus' Powerful Words Confront Counterfeit Faith

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 4:43-54. Consider that this official had to travel to make a request of Jesus. We can certainly be grateful to God that we have immediate access to Him in prayer, but sometimes we can take that for granted by only meeting with Jesus when it’s convenient. What are some ways you can go “out of your way” to meet with Jesus to help you remember the significance of such a privilege?

  2. In verse 48, Jesus tells the official that unless he sees signs and wonders, he will not believe. What kind of belief is Jesus referring to here? (See also v 53). With that in mind, why did Jesus heal the son?

  3. When Jesus told the official that his son would live, the man believed and went on his way, even though he had not seen evidence of answered prayer. Have their been times in your life when God gave you peace about something you’d prayed for even though you hadn’t seen the answer yet?