John 6:1-21 - Impossible Problems and an All-Powerful God

+ Application Questions

  1. Read John 6:1-13. In verse 6, we learn that Jesus asked Philip a question to test him (because Jesus already knew the answer). When are there other times in Scripture where God or Jesus ask a question even though they already know the answer? What is the purpose of testing people in such a way? When are some times that God has brought circumstances or questions into your life to test you?

  2. Read John 6:14-15. What is the people’s response to Jesus’ miracle? Why did Jesus withdraw? Was it wrong for the people to want Jesus as king? Are there areas in your own life where you’ve tried to make Jesus into something other than who He claims to be?

  3. Read John 6:16-21. Take time to think about the reality that Jesus, as Creator, has power over the laws of His creation. How does this truth calm fears in your own life? Take time to praise Jesus for His infinite power!