Genesis 26:1-16 - Cling to God's Promises in Perilous Times

Application Questions

  1. What is something God has been teaching you through your Bible reading this week? 
  2. What is one truth or “take-away” from the sermon that you found particularly challenging/convicting/helpful?
  3. In Genesis 26:1-6 Isaac faced the reality of starvation due to a famine in the land. Yet, God commanded Isaac to stay in the land and trust His promises. When have you faced desperate circumstances in your life and how has God used the promises in His Word to sustain you? 
  4. In Genesis 26:5 God used Isaac’s father’s obedience to God as an example of His commitment to God’s promises. In the New Testament what reveals our commitment to God and His Word? (See John 14:15; James 2:17)
  5. Isaac lied about his wife because he was afraid of what others would do to him. What are some other situations where a fear of others might tempt someone to lie? How does a proper fear of God help guard against such temptations? (See Galatians 1:10; Psalm 118:6)
  6. Take time to pray for yourself and for others at GCC, that we would fear God instead of fearing others, and that we would be faithful to trust God’s wisdom and timing in difficult situations instead of relying on our own wisdom or cleverness.