Proverbs - Humility in a World of Selfies

+ Application Questions

  1. What is something God has been teaching you through your Bible reading this week?

  2. What person in your life comes to mind when you think of someone walking with humility? How has he or she modeled humility well?

  3. Which situation in your life could be aided by your growth in humility?

  4. Thinking about humility often comes with thinking about the opposite: pride. How do you see pride manifested in your workplace, family, friendships, or even in the church body?

  5. Read through the following manifestations of pride - the opposite of humility. Which areas do you perhaps struggle with and need to address.

    • My practice of the spiritual disciplines is inconsistent and superficial.
    • I am often anxious about my life and the future.
    • I am very concerned with what people think about me.
    • I am self-critical and tend to be a perfectionist.
    • I want people to be impressed with me.
    • I am overly competitive.
    • I tend to feel envious or jealous when those around me are being honored.
    • I have a know-it-all attitude.
    • I have a hard time listening. I often interrupt.
    • When listening to a sermon or teacher, I listen with other people in mind instead of listening with my own heart in mind.