Proverbs - Money Matters

+ Application Questions

  1. What is something God has been teaching you through your Bible reading this week?

  2. How has last week’s sermon on speech been resonating with you throughout this past week? Have you had any specific circumstances when the Lord allowed you to apply a truth from the sermon to your life?

  3. Are there areas of worry that you have in regards to finances? How does the reminder that God owns everything encourage you?

  4. What are some wise or unwise ways that you have earned money in the past. What are some wise or unwise ways that you have spent money in the past?

  5. If someone were to look at your spending habits, what might they say are some of the most important things to you?

  6. Do you know of anyone who seems to do a good job of glorifying God with the way they steward their money? What things do they do that are a good example to follow?

  7. What are some ways in which your money habits reflect a focus on temporary happiness and self-reliance? In what ways do your habits reflect a focus on eternal joy and dependence on God?