Proverbs - Crazy Busy or Lazy Sleepy… and the Biblical Way that Works

+ Application Questions

  1. What is something God has been teaching you through your Bible reading this week?

  2. How has last week’s sermon on purity and pleasure been resonating with you throughout this past week? Have you had any specific circumstances when the Lord allowed you to apply a truth from the sermon to your life?

  3. What question, conviction, realization, or insight jumped out at you from God’s Word this morning?

  4. Proverbs addresses the one biblical “way” to walk in, and warns of a ditch on the left (“too little!”) and a ditch on the right (“too much!”). In the areas of planning, sleep, and hard work, where are you at currently: in ditch left (“too little”), on the correct way, or in ditch right (“too much”)?

  5. If by God’s grace you are on the biblical way in these three areas of planning, sleep, and hard work, what is some wisdom that you have learned that you can share with others? If you are in ditch left or right, what are some changes that God would have you make in order to move in the direction of the correct way?

  6. How does becoming a Christian make a person a more effective doer of work (whether this is paid work in a job or unpaid work around the house or elsewhere)? You might think through such areas as motivation, end goal, community, empowerment, knowledge, and allegiance. If you are a Christian, how has this reality influenced the way in which you work?