Daniel 8 - ‘By No Human Hand’: the Invisible God and the Breaking of Evil Powers

+ Application Questions

  1. Read Daniel 8. This passage is difficult to understand, which can sometimes be discouraging or cause us to lose confidence. What are some things in this passage encourage you and grow your confidence despite its difficulty to understand?

  2. In what ways does this passage put into perspective current trials you may be going through? In what ways does this passage encourage you to worship Jesus more?

Daniel 7 - The Everlasting, International, Indestructible Kingdom of ‘One Like a Son of Man’

+ Application Questions

  1. Read Daniel 7:9-10. How does this description of God as Judge impact your own life? What thoughts or actions ought this reality prompt in the lives of believers?

  2. Read verses 13-14. What are some clues in this passage that point us to Jesus Christ?

  3. Reflect on verse 27. What implications or applications does it have for believers today? (In regards to our hope, or purpose, etc.)

Daniel 6 - “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?”: A Living God Lesson for Every Man

+ Application Questions

  1. Daniel’s enemies couldn’t find any ground for complaint against him unless it was in connection with the law of his God. Is your conduct such that the same would be true of you? If not, what things hinder your testimony?

  2. When the king proclaimed that no one could pray to anyone else, Daniel continued praying three times a day as he had done previously. What God-honoring habits have you established in your life? What circumstances make it most difficult for you to be faithful in those disciplines, and what helps you remain faithful in those areas?

  3. God showed his great power and faithfulness by miraculously protecting Daniel. When is a time when God’s power and faithfulness have been evidenced in your life?

Daniel 5 - “You Knew All This!”: The High Price of No Humility Before the God Who Gives Each Breath

+ Application Questions

  1. When was a time in your life where God gave you a warning or convicted you that you were sinning against him? Did you respond by repentance or did you ignore the warning and face consequences?

  2. God used Daniel to speak difficult truth into Belshazzar’s life - even though Belshazzar didn’t listen. Has there been a time when someone spoke truth that you didn’t want to hear into your life or a time when you had to speak truth into another person’s life?

  3. How should the reality that the Lord judges even the actions of kings impact your daily life? (In the way you prioritize your time, in what you do when nobody is watching, in your interactions with other believers, in your interactions with non-believers, etc.)

Daniel 4 - High Kings, Presidents, Princes, and Sheikhs …and The Most High Who Rules Them All

+ Application Questions

  1. In Daniel 4, Nebuchadnezzar declares to all peoples what the Most High God has done for him. Take time to declare to your small group what the Most High God has done for you.

  2. In Daniel’s culture, people considered dreams to have great significance, and God sometimes used dreams for His glory. Our culture places a lot less significance on dreams, yet sleeplessness is a common problem among Americans. Do you struggle to fall asleep or to stay asleep at night? If so, how can sleeplessness be used for God’s glory?

  3. What is something God has done in your life to humble you? As you were humbled, where threre truths about God that you found joy or comfort in?

  4. Is today’s reminder (that God is able to humble those who walk in pride) convicting you of any pride or sin (which is prideful rebellion) in your life? If so, confess and repent from it. If appropriate, ask your small group to help you be accountable in this area.

Daniel 3 - ‘We Will NOT Serve Your Gods’: The Christian Manifesto When Everyone Else is Doing It

+ Application Questions

  1. In Daniel chapter 3, King Nebuchadnezzar proclaims that everyone must worship the image that he set up. What are some “images” that our culture sets up and encourages us to worship today?

  2. The inclusion of the instruments and music (vs 5, 7, 10, 15) likely would have created a strong emotional compulsion to worship the image Nebuchadnezzar had set up. What things do you allow into your own life that impact your emotions? What emotions are you spending the most time nurturing and do they foster a focus on self or on Christ?

  3. We see in v 16-18, and ultimately in v 28, that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s faith in the midst of persecution brought glory to God in the end. How have your own responses to trials or persecutions brought glory to God or drawn attention to yourself?

  4. While the previous questions have focused on our response to images set up by the world, what are some images you have set up in your own life - things you’ve done or are doing to bring glory to yourself? Pray that God would reveal those things to you and repent from them.

Daniel 2 - The Best the World Has to Offer, the God Who Reveals Mysteries, and the Forever Stone Kingdom

+ Application Questions

  1. In Daniel chapter 2, king Nebuchadnezzar seeks wisdom from all different sources before finding them inferior to the wisdom of God. What sources do you go to for wisdom? Are they sources of earthly wisdom or godly wisdom?

  2. Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream shows the power of God’s kingdom over all the kingdoms of the world. This is a good reminder to us that our hope is in an eternal kingdom, and not in the leaders of this world. What are some examples of people putting their hope in politics or worldly leaders, and what are some examples of people allowing political happenings to cause fear or anxiety? Have you ever found yourself putting hope in politics or being anxious because of political happenings?

  3. Take time to write down characteristics of God that encourage you to place your hope in Him and cast your anxieties on Him. Then, use your list as a guide to pray a prayer of praise to God, exalting Him for who He is.

Daniel 1 - God, Are You Still There?: Loss, Favor, and Learning in Exile

+ Application Questions

  1. In Daniel 1:1-2, a pagan king captures God’s chosen people and loots God’s temple. What doubts or questions might have been in the minds of God’s people during this circumstance? Have there been circumstances in your life that caused you to doubt God’s power or goodness?

  2. Look at who is doing the action in Daniel 1, verses 2, 9, and 17. What does this tell you about God’s involvement in our lives? How might this be a comfort in circumstances like the ones mentioned in question 1?

  3. Like Daniel, we are living in a land that is not our home. In what ways do you feel the pressures of this most in your life? Consider memorizing Romans 12:1-2 to help in this area.

  4. Have you had a time when you were asked by a boss or supervisor to do something you knew would be displeasing to God? How did you respond?

  5. Daniel 1:17 serves as a good reminder that any learning, skill, or wisdom we have is a gift from God. What impact should that truth have on the way we talk about our abilities and how we use our skills? How does this truth impact the way you view accomplishments that you’ve worked hard for?