Psalm 119:97-104 - Fathers, Love God’s Law!

+ Application Questions

  1. Read Psalm 119:97-104. What do you think is the relationship between loving God’s law and meditating on it? What habits have you established to meditate on God’s law and grow your love for it?

  2. What benefits are found in following God’s law in verses 98-101? Have their been times in your life where this was shown to be true by the outcome your obedience or by your disobedience to God’s law?

  3. Are you able to honestly declare the truths of verses 102-104 from your own heart, or do some statements ring false for you? If needed, confess what statements are not true of you and ask God to show you what needs to change in your habits or in your heart. Take time to praise God for his law and its many benefits.