James 2:1-13 - Consistent Compassion

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one truth or “take-away” from the sermon that you found particularly challenging/convicting/helpful? 
  2. When have you been guilty of treating people differently because of what they could offer you? What does James think of such partiality (See James 2:4)? What do such decisions reveal about our thought patterns?
  3. Will God judge our behavior toward others, and if so, what criteria will He judge by (See Matthew 12:36; 18:21-35, and Colossians 3:22-25)?
  4. Consider the people whom you pray for on a regular basis. Does the focus of your prayers reveal any partiality in your heart (i.e. praying only for people who are similar to you)?

Revelation 19:11-21 - Return of Jesus

Discussion Questions

  1. What do the different names for God in Revelation 19:11-21 tell you about his character, who he is, what he is doing?

  2. How does the powerful, second coming of Jesus in Revelation 19:11-16 grow your adoration and awe of Christ?  How does the imagery of His return encourage you in the midst of circumstances, emotions, or media that promote the idea that things are out of control in this world?

  3. How might Revelation 19:17-21 help us, as Christians, to be patient, humble, and loving despite persecution, mockery, or cultural pressure? (See 1 Peter 3:8-12) How might we use this same truth of the coming judgment to lovingly guide non-Christians toward the truth of the Gospel?

  4. Jesus is coming again!  Do you regularly pray for His return?  How might regular prayer for His return encourage/challenge your daily perspective on life?