Psalm 119:33-40

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one truth or “take-away” from the sermon that you found particularly challenging/convicting/helpful?
  2. Read all of Psalm 119 in your community group. As you read, notice what themes stand out, and discuss what you noticed.
  3. What motivates you to seek God and obey His Word? What motivated the psalmist to seek God and follow His commandments?
  4. Read Jeremiah 23:29, Hebrews 4:12, and James 1:21-25. What pictures are used to describe the Word of God? Why is the Word of God valuable, and how is the value of God’s Word evidenced in your own life?
  5. Read John 1:1-5. John describes Jesus as the Word. What similarities are there between the Psalmist’s description of the Word in Psalm 119:33-40 and John’s description of the Word?
  6. Pray through the areas of Psalm 119 that you want to embody in your own life. Ask specifically that God would increase your delight in His Word (vs. 36a).

Psalm 19 - God's Three Masterpieces

Discussion Questions

  1. Psalm 19:1 tells us the heavens declare the glory of God. What aspects of creation cause you to be in awe of who God is and what He has done? 
  2. What is the difference between hidden faults and presumptuous sins in verses 12 and 13? Why is the Psalmist asking the Lord to keep him from presumptuous sins? (See Numbers 15:27-31)
  3. What does it mean for “the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart” to be acceptable in God’s sight? If we desire our words and thougths to be acceptable in God’s sight, what impact might this have on our interactions with social media and various forms of entertainment?
  4. What are some ways you can choose to show reverence for God and for His Word this week?