We believe that spiritual transformation flows out of two basic commitments:

  • A commitment to God and the Bible.
  • A commitment to authentic Christian community.

The Sunday morning worship service at GCC provides many opportunities to express our commitment to God and the Bible through corporate worship and solid Bible teaching. Community Groups provide the structure for authentic Christian community to develop and grow.

Authentic Christian community occurs in a community group when group members bring a heart to serve and minister to one another rather than to “get something out of the group.” It takes time and relational investment, but God does amazing things through authentic people who are seeking Him together. The meetings are just the beginning as community group friendships extend throughout life. Group members often participate together in service projects and social outings.

Community Groups usually meet weekly in member’s homes for 10-12 weeks. At the end of each 10-12 week meeting cycle the groups take a break and everyone is given the opportunity to sign-up for another 10-12 week commitment. Some choose to sign up for the same group, while others decide to change and make new friends. You can sign up for a Community Group during the months of August, December and April. (see the calendar below)

We are continually expanding and multiplying our groups to include as many people as possible because we want everyone who attends our church to experience authentic Christian community. As a church, our impact on the surrounding community depends on how effectively these groups help people become connected, growing and serving Christ-followers.