Core Courses (Sundays at 9am)

Core Courses are short modular classes (4-12 weeks in length) designed to help you grow and develop as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Class locations can be found below and there will be signage in the lobby.


First Sunday of the Month Prayer Time

On the first Sunday of each month, all of the Core Course classes take a break from their regular teaching to gather together in the Adult Classroom for a time of corporate prayer.

Current Core Courses

Luke Course Widescreen.jpg

May 27–December 30
Teachers: Kevin McClure
Location: Resource Room

Join us as we look in-depth at the book of Luke.

Redeeming Relationships Widescreen.jpg

Redeeming Relationships
March 17–March 24
Teachers: Matt Walker
Location: Classroom 1

Missions core course.jpg

April 14–May 26
Teachers: Matt Walker and Sean Gilbertson
Location: Classroom 1