Core Courses

Core Courses

Sundays at 9AM

Core Courses are short modular classes (4-12 weeks in length) designed to help you grow and develop as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Class locations can be found below and there will be signage in the lobby.

Current Core Courses

Digging Deeper
Teachers: Matt Walker
Location: Adult Classroom II

Learn how to study the Bible and share its truth with others by studying the same Scripture passages being preached each Sunday.
Evangelism Core Course
Teachers: Andrew Scherer
Location: Adult Classroom I

An overview of evangelism: its definition, motivations, hopes, church culture, guiding principles, and methods, with an additional focus on application.

Previous Core Courses

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Baptism and the Lord's Supper (Spring 2023)
Covers the historical-biblical origins, significance, relationship, and practice of the ordinances in the local church.
The Doctrine of Sin (Spring 2023)
Covers sin’s origin, nature, scope, degrees, and wages so we may receive, value, and apply its remedy in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.