The Role of Deacon

The office of deacon is one of the two biblical offices in a local church. The office of deacon differs from that of elder as it does not include teaching (although some deacons may be teachers) and is open to women. The forerunner of the office of deacon is found in Acts 6:1–7. From this passage, we see that these forerunners of deacons were appointed for at least three reasons:

  1. To guard the time that the Pastors and Elders of the church have for the ministry of the word and for prayer (Acts 6:4)
  2. To promote unity within the church by addressing practical issues that can cause            division (Acts 6:1)
  3. To meet practical and specific needs within the church (Acts 6:3)

Our Deacons

Tim Rager.jpg

Tim Rager - Administration Deacon
and Facilities Deacon

Tim Rager is both our Administration Deacon and our Facilities Deacon. As the Administration Deacon, Tim is the primary point of contact between the elder board and the deacons. He coordinates with the other deacons to make sure tasks are handled in a timely manner. As the Facilities Deacon, Tim works with the building and grounds team to ensure the property is receiving repairs/maintenance, and he oversees the facilities and medical emergency teams to ensure procedures are in place for a crisis.

Robert Riddle.jpg

Robert Riddle - Finance Deacon

Robert Riddle is our Finance Deacon and oversees the budget and planning done to ensure that money and resources are handled wisely and that procedures are in place for financial accountability.




Dustin Phillips - Support Deacon

Dustin Phillips is our Support Deacon and is responsible for coordinating Sunday morning communion/baptism preparation, as well as overseeing ushers/greeters and visitor hospitality. He also works with the event team to set-up/tear-down for church events.


John Dennert.jpg

John Dennert - Media Deacon

John Dennert is our Media Deacon and works with the Audio/Video team in the sound booth to make sure services and events are adequately staffed and resourced. He also coordinates with media/graphics personnel to provide song or sermon-related graphics and announcements.


If you would like to get in touch with the deacons, please click here.