Geist Community Church Pastoral Internship

Job Description

Title: Pastoral Intern
Reports to: Internship Director (Senior Pastor of GCC).

Duration & Time: 
  • The internship will last one year, with a possibility of renewal.
  • The intern is not expected to be in the office on a national holiday as defined by the GCC Holiday Pay Policy.
  • The intern will receive 6 days of paid vacation, which could correlate to two weeks out of the office.
  • Additional paid time off for 2 week-long seminary intensive courses
  • Typical weekly schedule
    - ITS classes, study, practicum (20 hours/week)
    - GCC service (25 hours/week - outlined below)

  • Have an orientation meeting with the intern, the intern’s spouse, and the internship director to set expectations, field questions, and pray.
  • If married, the intern and his spouse will participate in monthly marriage discussion with an elder and his wife.
  • Become a member of GCC (including spouse, if applicable).
  • Attend GCC on Sunday mornings fifty Sundays out of the year, unless special permission given.
  • Attend the 9am core course hour (1x/week).
  • Attend all service reviews (1x/week), all member meetings (1x/two months) and all elder meetings (2x/month).
  • Accompany elder home visits as directed (2x/month).
  • Accompany elder interviews of prospective members as directed.
  • Attend at least one GCC funeral (if applicable).
  • Meet once a week with the internship director to discuss assignments or ministry responsibilities (not including weeks of a modular class).
  • Study: If the intern has not completed an M.Div, then he will pursue at least 12 credit hours of theological education each spring and fall semester that includes a local church internship class. If you do not have an internship class for a long period, your internship director may assign a custom course of study. You are expected to complete all assigned reading.
  • One primary goal of this internship is to allow you to spend more time reading about, engaging with, and reflecting on church ministry for the sake pastoral training. As such, interns are discouraged from having another job during the internship
  • Join the pastors of GCC on various ministry outings, meetings, events, and conferences as requested.
  • Assist in set-up, tear down, administration, and other tasks as directed.
  • Assist in conference preparation in the weeks leading up to a Renew conference (2x/yr).
  • Complete various tasks (some punctiliar, and some ongoing) as assigned by pastoral staff, including certain major ministry projects. Some of these tasks may include teaching.
  • Assist in the leadership of a particular ministry area assigned by the pastoral staff.
  • Schedule meals with elders, deacons, and church members to learn more about their experience in local church life.
  • Memorize chapters of scripture as assigned by the internship director.
  • Pursue the elder qualities described in 1 Tim 3:1–7, Titus 1:5–9, and 1 Peter 5:1–4

  • $1,000 - 1,500/month stipend provided by GCC
  • Up to $5,000/year in tuition assistance provided by GCC
  • GCC will assist the intern in raising additional support as needed

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